Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Category 8 Typhoon

So today we all had an early start only to find that nothing can be accomplished due to a category 8 typhoon....great!! The barns are so well built you would hardly think severe weather was happening outside.

All the horses galloped well yesterday. In the evening they got to ride in the main arena under the lights with the 2 jumbotrons and the music going. For the most part everyone dealt well with the atmosphere with only Comet having to spend a few more minutes working to settle down. Fortunately there are so many lights there are no shadows. Tonight at 9pm we have a 15-minute period to jump a course in the main ring to allow for more familiarization. My only hope is the late night riding not effecting Simon's appetite!!

Tomorrow, both riders and grooms will get to go to Beas River to see the cross-country, obviously something we are all looking forward to. Horses are going to be shipped to the site starting at 1pm on Sunday after the dressage has finished. The grooms get to stay on site. Once cross-country is finished, they will start to ship horses back to the main venue three hours later. They will try and do it by nation although, we are told, there will be no pressure to move horses if they are not comfortable. The movement of horses is done with the Jockey Club trucks. A police escort goes to and from the venue so the shortest amount of time is taken to travel the horses....something else Simon will appreciate considering his not so much love for traveling!

Afraid little else to report on. Once the storms pass we will get back into gear to work the horses. Until later.......

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